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Bespoke sofas in Madrid


The choice of sofas in Madrid is an increasingly demanded alternative for those who want a unique and elegant design living room. The decorative element is an important feature for all the furniture, but so is their functional capacity.

For this reason the first step for any decoration project is that one that makes the difference between: rooms of large dimensions, which are unnecessary spaces with lack of users to enjoy them; and the other smaller dimension ones, in which both decoration and furniture are placed in a studied way, so nothing is missing and we have enough room for every member of the family unit.

Keep in mind the characteristics of the space when preparing a new project, and choose sofas to cover both your needs and your tastes.

To do this, you can go to our BANNI showrooms in Madrid, where our interior designers will help you find the most appropriate design for your home. Choose the model, style, materials and finish among all the options that are available in our catalog. With all these features, and along with the exact dimensions, we can order the perfect design for your home sofa.

BANNI - Bespoke sofas store in Madrid

José Ortega y Gasset, 26, Madrid

28006 - Madrid

Muebles de estilo clásico Dormitorios modernos Armarios y vestidores de lujo Puertas a medida Complementos de decoración de diseño Muebles de oficina elegante

BANNI - Tienda de sofás a medida en Madrid imagen frontal
Parking Plaza Marqués de Salamanca.

Mondays to Fridays
From 10:00h to 20:30h (non stop)
De 10:00h a 14:30h (Afternoons previous appointment)
+34 91 487 99 54

Plano When coming to see us bring a floor plan and measures with you

Design modern sofas customized to the style of your home

To find and to choose design sofas in Madrid is not a simple task, especially if you consider its importance and its role within the project of decoration of the living room. These pieces monopolize most of the outlook, are one of the most widely used of all the house furniture, and are the perfect meeting place for family reunions, evenings with friends or moments of relaxation at the end of the day. For all these reasons, decorate or reform the appearance of the lounge or the living room and spend some time finding the perfect sofa.

Aware of this circumstance, BANNI-Elegant Interiors offers you a wide variety of design sofas in Madrid so you can choose which suits your interior design project and your furniture needs. At our store in the Salamanca district, you can find all styles and models you can imagine: Classic, Corner sofas, chaise longue, sofa beds, modern sofa

Come and meet us, solve your doubts in decoration and interior design and give a twist to your living room with one of our design sofas in Madrid. Elegance, quality and beauty will defined, then, one of the most important rooms in your home.

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