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Interior design studio in Madrid


interior design studio in Madrid

The advantages of hiring the services of a professional specialized in interior design in Madrid are usually recognized. However, it is also very common that people believe they cannot count on the advice of an Interior Design Studio or that perhaps, in doing so, the project will lost the personal touch.

Far from the reality, the truth is that increasingly more people rely on the work done by our team of interior decorators, it possesses great experience in development of projects of Interior design and decoration of various types, in particular as professional or commercial use.

BANNI - Interior design in Madrid

José Ortega y Gasset, 26, Madrid

28001 - Madrid

Muebles de estilo clásico Dormitorios modernos Armarios y vestidores de lujo Puertas a medida Complementos de decoración de diseño Muebles de oficina elegante

BANNI - Interior design in Madrid
Parking Plaza Marqués de Salamanca.

Monday to Friday
From 10:00h to 20:30h (Continuos)
From 10:00h to 14:30h (Afternoon previous appointment)
+34 91 431 70 62
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Plano when you visit us bring the measurements please

Advantages of hiring a team of interior decorators

The idea that a person outside your environment can take care of the interior decoration of your home or establishment (hotel, restaurant, office, etc.) might seem complicated, but in practice, rely on specialized professionals offers very important advantages.

Designing and implementing interior design projects goes far beyond choosing some plug-ins, organizing space or harmonize colors. Interior decorators are concerned in managing budget, contract services, coordinate deadlines,  optimizing time and money as well as help reduce the stress characteristic of this type of project among other tasks.

Another great benefit of having the support of interior decorators is functionality. These professionals are specialized in getting the most from all kinds of spaces, always taking into consideration the needs of your users, and your personal preferences.

In this sense, our Interior designers in Madrid can combine various styles or follow a single trend, achieving the best result.

Interior design projects for private individuals and professionals

BANNI – Elegant Interiors takes care of turnkey and partial projects at national and international niveau. We collaborate with architects and interior designers  making full and partial projects for: residences, retail, offices, hotels, restaurants, public agencies etc. We take care of the customization of all kinds of environments, providing elegant, functional solutions with products of the highest quality and the most different styles. Please contact us and we will advise you comprehensively in your interior design project.

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