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Kitchen and living-dining room. The perfect binomial

Kitchen and living-dining room. The perfect binomial

24 October

Homes at the beginning of the last century

A few years ago the houses had very much divided environments. If we go back in time we can find samples of how they were in the past.

Households are based on a strategic point which is the fireplace located in the area where people cooked. This was also the space around where it developed life. The socio-economic evolution involved many changes related to the home and the separation of spaces or rooms.

By then, we would never have imagined that a dining room and a lounge would merge and was part of a same space or a bathroom was a place where life was taken part besides being a water space dedicated to hygiene.

The same applies to kitchens and the dinning-livingrooms that currently merge and share chores.

Modern life has brought changes in our way of life and in the distribution of our homes.

As Charles Chaplin told us with his brilliant touch of humour, it is obvious that technology has changed our lives and that it pervades also each and every one of the aspects that make it up. We are born and we die in hospitals. Home and education, on the one hand; home and work, on the other. We must constantly acquire new knowledge and skills to keep pace imposed by technological development.

The media – press, radio and television – bombard us with more information than we can use. Even the simplest daily routine processes, such as shopping, cooking, washing, etc., are altered as a result of this development.

Currently the Islands and even peninsulas are a fundamental and intermediary element between a space and another. They help to divide the spaces of a visual as well as providing more work space.

When there is not enough space to place an island a support bar can be add. Both options are ideal for those who like to cook.

In addition the Cabinet’s support makes the function both cooking zone and social space.

Let’s open our mind to modern and contemporary kitchens, spaces where cooking, social life is done and relax after a long day’s work in the company of those you most want.

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