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Kitchens we love

Kitchens we love

13 July

In the February post: “What kind of kitchen want?” we talked about the type of kitchen that fits for each home.

Subsequently, at the Milan fair, we met new proposals of kitchens that drew much of our attention.
From furniture, countertops, sinks, faucets and appliances, we decided to incorporate them into our offer and now they are part of our new arrivals.

BINOVA is one of these latest additions of Italian contemporary kitchens that we want to talk about.

The main premise of these cutting-edge kitchens is that aesthetics is always at the service of the functionality. And this is what their designs show us.

Modular compositions, on the wall and the islands, are presented as designs of simple lines that create comfortable and practical spaces as well as leaving space for their main characters, who are the people that use the kitchen.
In this way, the room maintains a formal purity and an intangible lightness which move freely between flavours and sensations.

As an expression of a spatial continuity, the “kitchen area” contributes to the organization of the home that guarantees the necessary order for the preparation of the dishes.

At the same time compactness and strength, heart and soul of these kitchens are elegant Italian style design and ensure a tamper-proof quality in time.

Thus, in 2017 we have incorporate new kitchen furniture brands which rely on noble materials as wood and offer versions where the color and shapes appear.

BLU by Binova

Finishes offer multiple options in wood, glossy lacquered or matte silk effect and depending on the model you can find different materials that combine perfectly.

The SCAVA kitchen is the prefect example with its high stainless steel cabinets and an island of  silver oak wood.


SCAVA kitchen

BINOVA brand, moreover, is committed to current trend designs inspired by industrial or professional kitchens, but providing aesthetic and durability.

And without losing sight of the premise of the functionality which we told you about at the beginning of this post, it offers all the useful accessories for cooking with comfort; from upper and lower cabinets, many horizontal shelving and accessories with added value.

BLUNA by Binova



SCATTO by Binova

BANNI offers classic kitchens, modern kitchens and kitchens of vanguard to fulfill the dreams of our customers and to meet your expectations, whether they come from this new brand, from our own BANNI brand or other brands that we distribute.

Regardless of the type of cuisine you want, in BANNI we will be pleased to advise you. You expect in our shops of design kitchens in Marbella, Madrid and Barcelona.

BANNI kitchens for life.

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