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Nordic furniture in Barcelona


tienda de muebles nórdicos en Barcelona

Searching for a Nordic furniture store in Barcelona is possible thanks to the multiculturalism of the city, the globalization and the warmth presented by this style of furniture. In BANNI-Elegant Interiors you can find all kinds of Nordic furniture that constitutes one of the best ways to dress with warmth and intelligence homes, commercial premises and other real estate in this and all points of the national territory.

The trends and philosophy of life of countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark have become the example to be followed by people from all over Europe and a large part of the world. Theories as simple as enjoying the little things of everyday life, dispensing with the really unnecessary, squeezing the warmth of the interior spaces… What used to guide the day-to-day life of Scandinavian citizens has now become a mantra for the rest, and furniture has become the best way to express it.

The most complete and demanding offer of Nordic furniture in Barcelona awaits you in BANNI store, located at Avenida de Pau Casals. There, our professionals put at your disposal a complete catalog in which you can know the latest news in materials, designs and colors of Scandinavian furniture style created by internationally renowned firms. Come visit us and know all the details.

BANNI - Nordic furniture shop in Barcelona

Avda. de Pau Casals 6, Barcelona

08021 - Barcelona

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BANNI - Nordic furniture shop in Barcelona
Parking Av. de Pau Casals, 8 (a 10m).

Monday to Friday
From 10:00h to 20:30h (Non stop)
De 10:00h a 14:30h (afternoons previous appointment)
+34 93 209 06 09

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Why use Nordic-style furniture to decorate

Despite its apparent sobriety and neutrality in its shapes and colors, Nordic-style furniture is one of the favorites of experts and fans of the world of decoration. The reasons are numerous but, among the fundamental ones, they highlight their constant search for comfort, simplicity and, above all, functionality. Although it may seem the opposite, the truth is that the style of these northern countries of the Old Continent is one of the most efficient.

Starting with the joy and luminosity it conveys. The Nordic interiors and furniture are presented in white or in light tones to absorb and project as much luminosity as possible. Not for nothing, the hours of sunlight in these countries shine by their absence  especially in winter.

If we add to this the tendency to use natural materials for its manufacture, such as beech wood or cotton fibers, we obtain possibilities of furniture that give off purity and originality throughout their pores and dress the spaces with an unrivaled perspective.

Last but not least, the efficiency of each of the Nordic style furniture stands out. A bed to sleep and rest, a sofa to enjoy free time with family, a chair to sit and eat… Nothing more, nothing less. Furniture based on the Scandinavian philosophy of life dispenses with the unnecessary decorations and details to focus on what is truly important: achieving warmth and comfort for everyday life at home. That’s why, despite its simple lines, there are no more apt and resolute furniture for indoor life.

Scandinavian furniture for your home in Barcelona

Now that this trend has established itself as a definitive decoration style, it is increasingly difficult to find Scandinavian furniture stores in Barcelona that ensure the quality and confidence of its product catalog. But, among the many options available, BANNI stands as one of the most outstanding to decorate and renew the image of a home or a business with airs directly brought from northern Europe. And the opinion of all our customers endorses this position.

We are official distributors of international brands, recognized worldwide, and we have a team specialized in interior design with extensive experience behind them in the development of decoration projects. Thanks to this, we can offer you a personalized treatment and the best tips to equip your spaces with the best options available in our Scandinavian style furniture section.

Just visit our shop in Barcelona and tell us if you want a complete change towards the Nordic style or a more gradual transformation, with the purchase of some pieces for different rooms: a few bars in birch wood for the main room , a carpet of natural fibers for the living room, chairs with industrial touches for the kitchen… Don’t waste any more time and join this lifestyle with quality Scandinavian furniture.

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