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Official distributor in Spain for Dornbracht taps

Those who know Luxury faucets, Dornbracht as its best representative. Since its beginning (second half of the 20th century), this company has revolutionized the sector and mobilized other companies with solutions that give a twist to conventional taps systems. The quality, efficiency, sustainability and their personal commitment to all of this make of this German company one of the best choices to complete bathrooms and kitchens of homes, businesses and unique places.

With over 60 years of experience, the brand has heard the most acid criticism of all competitors and most unexpected recognition of all users. Thus, little by little and during three generations, Dornbracht has managed to bring forward faucets and accessories adaptable to all environments and with the perfect blend between design and functionality. Producing 100% German, its extensive catalog carries excellence, innovation and precision of its solutions for health, not only throughout the European Union, but throughout the planet.

BANNI-Elegant Interiors is part of the list of official distributors of Dornbracht in Spain. Our showrooms in Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Marbella can choose the faucet and accessories  maching the design of your bathroom and kitchen. In addition, with the help of our interior designers, you can combine faucets, materials and measures and to customize your choice.

Dornbracht faucets. Sustainable quality

Since its inception, the German firm has focused on innovation and quality. It established its first revolution with removable faucet (in the Decade of the 60’s) and, from time to time, each of the three generations that has been responsible for the business have made gambling risky in the production of their products. The positive result is undeniable and easily appreciable Dornbracht products exhibition BANNI-Elegant Interiors puts at your disposal in the shops of Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Palma de Mallorca.Pero the quality and design of all its collections do not live only in the search for new solutions.

The defense of the environment shown by the German firm has led her to work with production systems and more sustainable materials. Thus, during the creation of taps Vaia, Tara and Madison, the company has managed to reduce by 50% the emission of waste water. But it also involves the end consumer with accessories and products for bathrooms and kitchens that reduce water consumption.

Design and reliability in a single faucet

Dornbracht is a German stamp for quality, durability, design and sustainability. These are the values of this German faucet manufacturer. And, at the same time, they have the necessary characteristics to make this part of the health element that changes the perspective of the bathroom and the kitchen, and the levels of efficiency of the home or business in general.

If you want to learn about Dornbracht faucets, all their collections come visit us at our exhibitions or showrooms  in Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella and Palma de Mallorca. And the simple experience of washing your hands will not be the same.

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