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Official distributor in Spain of Foscarini lamps

Foscarini is authentic work of design of lighting for the different spaces of the House. The Italian company, which started out at the beginning of the 1980’s, is responsible for illuminating every corner of the home with clear and well-defined principles: artisan work, Italian design, freedom of innovation and creation and respect for the environment.

The choice and installation of Foscarini lamps contributes to the improvement of  the design of   lighting in terms of quantity, quality and design. Switching on the lights, turn on emotions. And it is, according to the artisans of the firm that products such as Gregg, Orbital or Bay attract people’s attention, even if they are not switch on.

BANNI is official distributors of the Italian brand in Spain and have a wide selection of their lamps in our shops in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella (Málaga) and Palma (Mallorca). Depending on the characteristics of your home and the predominant style in each room, will help you to choose the collection that suits you: the industrial design of Aplomb; hanging lamps Tress; the elegance of the blown glass of Caboche… Get to know all the options available and shine your home with a stylish, efficient and pulsating light.

Lighting design with Foscarini lamps

The made in Italy stamp of the great designers and craftsmen is another Foscarini main strength. The brand creates their own products and with the philosophy of the well done always on mind. But the brand seeks more than the simple functionality. Research, innovation and the permanent state of search allows them to find the best materials, designs and utilities for their table, floor, pendant and outdoor lamps… They ‘make light’, translating ideas into material objects. That is why we talk about points of light and emotional feelings.

In the catalogue you can find timeless, classic but innovative products and, above all, a great visual variety of beautiful pieces. Choose Foscarini lamps for the main room of the house, in the lounge or in the hallway is a winning bet. The products of the Italian company filled with style, elegance bright the rooms of the home, the office or the retail shop to decorate.

It’scareer and it’s reputation precedes them. This specialists in indoor and  outdoor light, for large and small lamps is present in most of the world. Successful projects are been already implemented in London, Helsinki, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Madrid, Milan, Barcelona…

Certificate of Environmental Quality and responsibility

The Italian lighting firm is one of the fisrt to obtaining certificates of quality and environmental respect in all its manufacturing processes. All collections of Foscarini,  such as Big Bang, Aplomb, Diesel, tress or Bahía, comply with UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, two certificates that guarantee the low environmental impact of their activity. Thanks to them, buying lamps, appliques and accessories of the brand implies choosing a green and quality lighting, designed and created with the touch and the mimo of the Italian culture.

Turn your home into a focus of light, quality and style with the Foscarini products available in our catalog. Choose Industrial, Classic and futuristic lamps and get both utility and design in one. In all the shops of BANNI, in Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella and Palma our team of specialists will be pleased to help you.

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