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Official distributor of sub-zero appliances in Spain

Domestic refrigeration leaves the basic stamped sub-zero and reaches a new category, most luxurious and adapted to tastes, needs and desires of each home or business. Each one of the systems devised by this North American company marks a before and an after in the preservation of food and beverages, while maintaining its quality and extending its life without losing or one of their characteristics.

For more than 70 years, this brand has guided the latest innovations and needs of users to offer refrigerators, freezers, wine chest freezers and other appliances created for conservation in cold.

BANNI-Elegant Interiors is official distributors of the American brand in Spain. find in our showrooms in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella and Palma de Mallorca the latest additions to his catalog and customize the incorporation of sub-zero products to the design of your kitchen.

The luxury of the cooling by the hand of the sub-zero appliances

If we define sub-zero appliances, elegance, personalization and innovation  couldn’t be missed in the description. With these three characteristics, the American firm offers  the exclusive and most important cooling systems, suitable for all spaces (regardless of designs or measures). You can find freezers or refrigerators with a more classic design, freezers, the wine coolers and other cold bunkers are recessed and can suit perfectly in any domestic or professional kitchen.

It is only necessary to find experts who can make the integration of cold systems possible in the overall design of the space. Our team of professionals will help you not only  to find the sub-zero appliance that suits your needs the best but also placing it efficient, fast and without complications.

Sub-zero refrigerators: The quality in our catalog

Since its inception in the forties of the last century, sub-zero has managed to become the pioneer brand of many of the advances that have been made in the field of refrigeration. In this sense, the company was among the first to offer a freezing system guaranteeing the quality and the conservation of foodstuffs. Subsequently, he was also the spearhead in the catalog’s built-in refrigerators.

With humility and many efforts to research and innovation, sub-zero can now offer appliances for domestic or professional refrigeration of the highest quality and prestige. Come meet them in BANNI-Elegant Interiors and give a new life to your food.

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