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Kitchen lighting

Although it may not seem like it, kitchen lighting is an essential part of planning and projecting the home. It is usually one of the most forgotten rooms in renovations and new constructions.

But the truth is that the right light can achieve functionality and design in a single installation. How? Distributing the spotlights and mixing different types of kitchen lighting according to the image you want to achieve in each of the areas.

It does not matter if you choose a modern style or if you choose a more classic one because the function of this room is always the same. And we have maintained the same trend for decades: that of turning the kitchen into the nerve center of the house.

It is a place of work, in which we prepare all kinds of gastronomic elaborations and for which you need a led kitchen lighting that puts the focus on the hob and countertop. But it is also a point of meeting and family reunion, an improvised office, an area of ​​abstraction ... Each of these moments needs an adequate, cozy and useful light, a detail that must be taken into account in the design of the installation of your new kitchen.

The right design for kitchen lighting

The countertop, the stove, the table, the shelves ... A studied design and adequate lighting of kitchens is what gets the necessary points of light for each of the parts of the room. Normally, being one of the largest in the house, the important thing is to find the balance between different intensities and build a nice, spacious and clear place.

The decoration and interior design specialists of BANNI - Elegant Home study all the possibilities of your home in detail until you find the best option: lighting for kitchen ceilings, led lights for greater flexibility, natural lighting ...

And they put at your disposal the latest news from internationally renowned firms such as Flos, Brokis, Fontana Arte, Vibia ... Come and visit our stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella (Malaga) and we will help you make a decision.

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