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Bespoke sofas in Barcelona


A living room with personality is only possible with the best sofas in Barcelona. They are the centerpiece of any composition designed for this room of the house and the stroke that can not miss when designing a change, a domestic reform or a new installation. So the end result is harmonious, it will need to manage and reconcile certain variables: the exact measurements, the type of material, color, printing… But it is not always easy to find the exact balance.

In this sense, it is important to maintain a clear idea of the outcome that you want to achieve with the interior design project, as well as having a good team of advisors or interior designers. To find the best “tailor” between all the sofa shops in Barcelona so the chosen seat is like cut of for it.

BANNI – Elegant Interiors, we have a large team of professionals specialized in design and interior design trained to give accurate carving to the reform of your home. In our Barcelona furniture store, we help you find the best sofa custom among all the offer available in our catalogue, consisting in proposals from prestige international furniture manufacturers and the creations of BANNI.

Why we give this importance to the design of the lounge and, in particular, to the correct choice of sofas in Barcelona? Because this room is one of the top of the house, for both its use and its versatility. It is the only one that is actively present in the visits of all kinds of guests, in the children’s home games, in the improvised dinners or film sessions or serials etc.

Therefore, when planning you a change, it is essential to pay attention to each and every one of its components, although in primordial way to the couch. I.e., have a good design and good quality furniture distribution is a big step on the road to success. But a single error in the search and selection of tailor-made sofas can thwart any project of interior design in Barcelona.

Corner sofas, chaise-longue, modular seating or classic brands such as Lema, Arketipo and Misuraemme. You only need to calculate the space that your bespoke sofa will occupy among all the options you like the most in Barcelona BANNI store, on Avenida de Pau Casals 6.

BANNI - Bespoke sofas store in Barcelona

Avda. de Pau Casals 6 Barcelona

08021 - Barcelona

Muebles de estilo clásico Dormitorios modernos Armarios y vestidores de lujo Puertas a medida Complementos de decoración de diseño Muebles de oficina elegante

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Parking Av. de Pau Casals, 8 (10m)

From Monday to Friday
From 10:00h to 20:30h (Non Stop)
From 10:00h to 14:30h (Afternoons previous appointment)
+34 93 209 06 09
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Plano When coming to visit us do not forget to bring the floor plan with you

Design modern sofas customized to the style of your home

The idea of a exclusive and functional stay is one of the most pursued by all the owners who want to give a 180º turn to their home starting with the living room the king of the house. At this point to offer design sofas in Barcelona is decisive. As much as to know which piece to choose that best fits with the new approach.

And here the size matters. But it’s not the only thing to keep in mind. Elegance, quality and excellence are some of the essential features of the design or refurbishment of your salon.  You should look for sofa designer in Barcelona that are unique and stylish, but that perfectly suits both your personality and the personality of the rest of the members of the family unit.

How many people commonly used the sofa? What color are the walls or the rest of the furniture? In terms of his style: is traditional or modern, formal or casual? How is the space you want to integrate your design sofa? These are just a few questions you should ask before taking the final decision and which will assure you an indisputable success.

Either you have clear answers to all these questions or need advice, BANNI professionals are the solution to all your questions. First, we know and we become acquainted with your living room and its main characteristics; then, we show all available supply in terms of brands, colors, designs, fabrics and upholstery of all our catalog design sofas.

With these basic notions we will find the most appropriate piece for your living room style and for the equilibrium of the entire house. Come and visit us at our store of sofas in Barcelona and reach the perfection in the decoration of your home.

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