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Bespoke sofas in Málaga


The opportunity to design, order and buy customized sofas in Malaga solves more than one problem to all owners that want to  make changes in your homes. Because it is not the same to look for a sofa that perfectly fits the space and the wished design of the salon, than to find a professional capable of creating a customized sofa and to renovate or build the most important stay of the house.

In BANNI Malaga, we offer a full team of Interior designers to help you give the exact design for your new living room sofa. We are used to find hundreds of identical options in different brochures for furnishings, so in BANNI-Elegant Interiors we understand that you need to offer more functional alternatives, different ones that can be adapted to the tastes of our customers. Our interior designers know that not all rooms are the same in terms of size, design and decoration.

Therefore, they are able to create different tailor-made sofas for each of them. Shapes, sizes, fabrics, decorative motifs and other factors determine the appearance of the sofa, and combining them to perfection to give the design best suits to the needs and tastes of the owners.

In the showroom of BANNI Marbella we work to hit thenail on the head with personalized, unique and efficient sofas that need every customer. Regardless of the style you want, if this is the result that you long were looking for we are the appropriate professionals to carry it out. Come visit us and we will show you what we can do for your new customized sofa and for the decoration of your home in general.

BANNI-Elegant Home, the creation of bespoke sofas in Malaga goes beyond a simple calculation of the total volume of the piece. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important features, since it is necessary to find a size that fits perfectly into the space and into the decoration of the whole project. However, there are other features that make each one of these sofas custom-made pieces of design unique and unrepeatable.

With the exact dimensions as the main base we must choose: textile, color and the an ornamental background (if any), the height of the arms, the width of the pads, filling type and (another most important feature) seat type. Because, regardless of the pre-established measures, a nook to a classic sofa chester-type is not the same as a corner sofa.

Search among all the options that you like most and best fits your needs. Only in this way, you will find the perfect sofa for your home. To do this, you can request information on best tailor made sofas in our BANNI Marbella shop interior experts. They will show you all the options, study the possibilities of your living room  and will offer you the most suitable and adapted to your case solutions.

BANNI - Tailor made sofas shop a in Malaga

CC. El Capricho, Local 2 y 7. Boulevard Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe. CN 340 KM 179,6 Marbella

29602 - Málaga

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Plano When coming to visit us please bring a floor plan and the measures with you

Despoke design, modern and personalized sofas

In BANNI Malaga we have sofas of unique and stylish design that we put at your disposal. Therefore we are looking for the latest trends in decoration and work with the best manufacturers of furniture at the national and international levels. Everything not to have a lack of interior design for the most important house room.

But above all, for the most essential piece of living room to performs its function and to exceed any expectation consult with our team of interior designers for  the best options of designed sofas in Malaga for your home and find a solution according to your tastes, desires and demands.

Whether you only want to change the most important furniture of this room of the house, as if arises a global reform in our indoor and outdoor furniture catalogue you can choose among a great variety of possibilities. Imagine the space that you’ve always wanted, to reconsider all the uses that can satisfy a completely custom design sofa and make your dreams come true.

It can be guided by the experience and advice from our professionals or choose yourself the sofa design more consistent with the style, design and size of your room in our indoor furniture catalogue. In it you will find unique and original sofas of all types, from modular sofas through corner sofas, chaise-longues, chesters… Customize to your liking and find the missing piece from the puzzle of your home décor.

The professionalism of our team and the wide range of possibilities we offer is the perfect excuse to search for the perfect design sofa in Malaga. Do not hesitate. Come visit our showroom and chosen the right path towards perfection, style and the originality of your living room.

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