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2 March

As we mention in our last post from this blog, the bathrooms from the 21st century are no longer those we had when we were kids or those that are seen in the films from the 70’s and the 80’s.

Currently, the interior designers work for the transformation of this space moving away from the traditional bathroom concept.


When the space is large enough, we can have separate shower and bath.

Shower trays can be vitrified steel or of resin and can be placed at ground level if the floor of the bathroom is spacious enough. We love the ultra-thin and compact shower trays, made of resins and loads minerals with high hardness as well as an excellent resistance to the cleaning products of the bath.

Showers, can be customized, both in size and shape as on color themes according to the needs of the customer.

Here the screens of shower are an important subject. Available in folding format (6mm) or fixed blade (8mm) Although we always recommend those of Fixed Blade since they are more stable. The screens can go to the ceiling or to height, dependint on taste of the client.

In bathtubs, are another important piece of this space of waters, highlighting the ones of resin of Corian 100% customizable both in its form and measure as in the color.

Bathtubs we be installed integrate it into the floor, recessed into the wall (classic) or exempt. There is wonderful options of them.

They can be classic or modern even with shelves set into them.

The furniture of bath today tend to be suspended, with much capacity but that are light to simple view.

Is seeks the combination of different heights, with basins low countertop or on countertop to taste of each customer, as the faucet that well can be recessed in the wall or in the same cabinet.

It emphasis is in the small details such as handles for furniture, very thorough and made with great affection, lamps, mirrors, and other accessories.

In our bathrooms shops in Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga you will find the latest news and trends about the toilets which we talked about in the previous post.
Ask our interior designers and architects.



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