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What kind of Kitchen do we want?

What kind of Kitchen do we want?

22 February

BANNI has been long studying the trends and behaviors of our customers. During the last years the development of gastronomy in our country has been, simply, spectacular.


The names of Chef Ferran Adrià, Joan Roca and David Muñoz, among many others, are known around the world.

No doubt this boom of Spanish cuisine has permeated into the domestic kitchen so today when we cook we want to surprise our guests.

And… What do we do?


Influenced by the key players in the Spanish culinary world, we attend cooking classes, we are interested in the cuisine of other countries, and seek to go beyond the traditional recipe. Perhaps the kitchen which we used until now no longer serves us.

What kind of kitchen do we want?

We are looking for a kitchen to serve the maximum functionality, protagonist of the latest trends and incorporating the latest technology.


We are looking for furniture design, captivating and it is for us.The latest trends in home appliances: ovens, steam, food warmer, side by side, movable range hoods, wok, teppan yaki and a host of accessories that will make us feel the kings of our kitchens.


In terms of durability, our kitchens offer the same as professional kitchens but with added design.


BANNI offers classic kitchens, modern kitchens and kitchens of vanguard to fulfill the dreams of our customers and to meet your expectations.

A good example of modern kitchen would be the Phoenix model. Phoenix is distinguished by subtle and pure geometric lines, giving life to a contemporary and exclusive kitchen.

An air of purity is accentuated by slim modules and the distinctive absence of handles. The worktop in steel thickness 6 mm and the new design of the Phoenix handle characterize the island. The handle profile is obtained from the combination of the straight channel and the 90° carved door profile.

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The Classic model is drafted in different pastel colors very present accompanied by fine golden lines that give this classical point but always in the correct proportion.

If what you want is a classic cuisine we propose the Classic model.

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Glass cabinets to show us his lacquered interior with the most delicate porcelain, that is, internals that are getting naked in front of us with great delicacy.

Kitchens where discuss Edinburgh nights and to evoke several fresh memories on a bed of salmon and nuts.

For those looking for a cutting-edge model kitchen Minà may be the solution.


The essence and details of its form draw on the purest archetype and have strong proto-industrial connotations. But the suggestions of this bygone style, from the red knobs to the extraction hoods, are daringly modernised and the personality thus created will stand up to and dialogue with interiors of all kinds: modern, traditional and classic.

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A kitchen that becomes a “forge”, where fire is not just a cooking medium but a creative force. With island or wall-mounted layout, without limits on its size or modularity, Minà can be installed in rooms of all kinds: from the open space of a loft to the small city apartment.

Regardless of the type of cuisine you want, in BANNI we will be pleased to advise you. You expect in our shops of design kitchens in Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella.

BANNI… Kitchens for life.

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