Excellence in Italian furniture.

Porada Italy is one of the brands we have in BANNI of Italian furniture and unique accessories, with BANNI guarantee.

All the furniture and mirrors by Porada are made through artisanal and industrial work using wood metals and a range of high quality crystals. Fabrics are selected for the accuracy of the products.

Distributors of Italian furniture excellence.

BANNI shops you can see, from the first hand, the quality, exclusivity and excellence by Porada in craft furniture. We are official distributor of this brand that for more than 70 years has been cultivating his expertise and his passion for wood.

The beauty and  the finishes of the chairs, armchairs, mirrors and other home furniture carved one to one from the best quality material, are the best proof for this.

Still, the success of furniture by Porada is not only based on their appearance. Its designers and artisans are constantly looking for the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics in all that is launched into the market.

Whatever home space you need to decorate, the fact of choosing the living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms of this Italian firm assures the functionality, the durability and trending for years. Check out the catalog, know the entire Porada collection and get excellence, quality and beauty for your home.

PORADA design and quality furniture.

In the catalog we have chairs, tables, coffee tables, mirrors, sofas, beds, armchairs, chairs, table lamps, floor lamps, suspended lamps, side lamps, wall lamps, appliqués, shoemakers, consoles, sideboards, clothes racks, pouf, side tables, dinning tables  and bookstores, always of high quality and design.

The following models stand out: the sofas Sand Divano, Bolero, Fellow, the table Ziggi, Gheo-k and Gheo-off, Four and Elika, the chairs Andy, Anxie, Area, Aretusa, Chloé, the armchair Loretta, Arena Poltrone, Ara, Bea, Bolerina, Camille and Dasy Giravole, the flamingo , Sketch, Spider and Tot

BANNI is the official distributor of Porada in Spain. In our stores from Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella (Malaga) and Palma de Mallorca you can find  a wide range of Porada product exhibition.


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