Tiles, mosaics and hydraulic tiles

Tiles, mosaics and hydraulic tiles

Hydraulic mosaic is made piece by piece. Craftsman chose the colors and prepared a paste with water, by mixing powder of white marble, white cement, sand and pigments. The manufacturing process has been modernized, but the outcome remains equally incredible, colorful and artistic.

Now vintage style take strength in the latest trends in decoration. The most prestigious manufacturers have reinvented the self-levelling floor creating designs that recall the ancient creations or to innovate with new modern and avant-garde designs. And as the taste is in the mixture, which most unique couple and best avenue to latest design, almost futuristic, contemporary cuisine combined with a wonderful hydraulic floor modernist and colorful, even if possible, with a retro dot?

Another place of the House where the hydraulic floors are succeeding are the baths. But not only as soils, but on the walls forming mosaics sober or with complex designs. There are many options offered by the manufacturers. Since then the technology has evolved incredibly since the end of the 19th century and tastes have evolved. But these older designs were set in our retinas and our hearts. So much so that these wonderful floors have returned to our homes and its beauty will accompany us for a long time. Not only are they beautiful, artistic, colorful, they are also very resistant. Come visit us at our stores in Madrid and Barcelona. Our experts will advise you on these and many more solutions. We will be glad to help you.



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