Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation

Office chairs

Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation

Modern and quality design office chairs

The wide range of office chairs from the BANNI catalog is what your office, boardroom, study and even the most secret corners of your business or home need for the most professional tasks. In our stores you can find models of office chairs with or without wheels with exclusive designs and with all the guarantees of quality and comfort. Just come and see them and try them in person in any of our showrooms.

The choice of ergonomic office chairs contributes to improving employee productivity. A correct seating posture, with proper back support, prevents fatigue and improves results at the end of the day. But it is also one of the essential elements when it comes to providing style and functionality to an office or study.

Our section of the store dedicated to office chairs, present in all BANNI exhibitions in Spain, offers different models of seats specially designed for hours of study or work. Modern office chairs, with or without armrests, with high backs and adjustable heights… Ask our specialists and they will help you find the seat that best suits your needs. When choosing modern office chairs and design that best suit an office or workspace, it is important to take into account various factors: ergonomics, the adjustment of all its parts (backrest, armrests, height, etc.. ), the floor on which they will be used (better office chairs without wheels for a room with parquet), … To resolve all doubts and direct the purchase towards the best decisions, the professionals of BANNI stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella (Malaga) and Palma de Mallorca (Mallorca) offer you the best answers and a complete accompaniment until the final choice.

Equip your office, study or work rooms with the best designer office chairs, on sale at BANNI. Their colors, materials and shapes will not only guarantee you the highest levels of comfort, but will mark a before and after in the visual appearance of all rooms.



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