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Which is Best for Your Home: Wardrobes vs Walk-In Closets

Which is Best for Your Home: Wardrobes vs Walk-In Closets

28 August

Wardrobes vs Walk-In Closets

Wardrobe or walk-in closet? Without the proper knowledge of these storage options, this dilemma can make your design process unnecessarily complicated.

To make your planning a little easier, we’ve provided a few things to consider.


Space Availability

In order to decide what’s best for your home, you need to understand what these storage options both offer and require.

Walk-in closets consist of an open space that already exists, while a wardrobe creates a storage space that can be placed in the room. This is important to consider because even if you may dream of a walk-in closet, the space available in your home may be better suited for an equally stylish wardrobe.

At this point our interior designers will help you to make the decision.


While both have customizable designs, walk-in closets and wardrobes have different style features that make them unique in their own way. Walk-in closets provide an open layout, giving the room a lighter feel and making your items easily accessible. However, this also means that the style of the walk-in closet depends on the look of the items you’re storing and how they’re organized.º

Even though both are customizable designs, closets have different style characteristics that make them unique.

The shelves, hanging units, and drawers also have a hand in defining its style. On the other hand,  a wardrobe features doors and a frame which allows you to hide away your possessions while avoiding clutter. Because of these features, a wardrobe’s style completely relies on its structural design and not the hidden items inside. So, which is better? It all depends on your preference. Would you like to have an open space where you walk into a style you helped create or do you prefer a clean, structured look that lets you keep your items a mystery and doesn’t require organizational skills?

However certain items of storage can be installed (either vertical or horizontal mullions) with glass doors tinted, lacquered glass, glossy, opaque or even wood that will help make your clothes look less and the end result pass to a second term.

On the other hand, a Cabinet has doors and a framework that allows you to hide your wardrobe, avoiding the apparent disorder or what’s inside if you are quieter. Therefore, style depends on its structural design and not on the items that are stored in it.

So, what is your best choice? Everything depends on your preferences. You like to have a space open, wider who can see the content or prefer a clean and structured vision that allows you to keep your wardrobe in the background?


Style is pointless if your storage unit doesn’t provide the solution you need for your home. That’s why it’s important to consider the functionality of both walk-in closets and wardrobes.

The style is not at odds with the functionality. In BANNI we are committed to offer the best choice, and in this case, if your closet or dressing room does not meet these two requirements it is not the solution you need for your home.

If you’re looking for versatility, a wardrobe is a perfect fit. Because it is mobile, it allows you to easily switch up your room whenever and however you’d like. While a wardrobe gives you the option of changing room designs and creating new rooms in general, walk-in closets allow you to see the big, stylish picture.

A dressing room offers a large and elegant vision. In other words, you get to see what you’re working with from a wide-angle. This is great if you have a lot of clothes and accessories and need to see your items in an open view.  Their open space also allows you to have a little design fun and even make it your personal haven. What’s better than relaxing on an ottoman with a glass of wine while gazing at your favorite pair of shoes? In the end, both wardrobes and closets have unique functions.

To choose from a closet or dressing room can be easier than you think. Although it depends on your personal preferences and wishes, don’t forget to consider which fits better into the design of your home.

Our interior designers always advise you to decided according to these three premises that we just comment. We customize your closet or dressing room to make it the perfect solution you were looking for.

The ideal solution for your storage needs is in your hands… And in ours to make it come true. Contact us at our custom made wardrobe stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Málaga (Marbella).

We hope you.

Le esperamos.



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