Genießen Sie bis zu 70% Rabatt für die Renovierung von Ausstellungen


Genießen Sie bis zu 70% Rabatt für die Renovierung von Ausstellungen

The most internationally renowned Italian furniture company.

Thanks to Piero Ambrogio Busnelli’s entrepreneurial intuition, B&B Italia is a company that has distinguished itself from the beginning by its industrial vocation, introducing a management approach into the organisation of the company, as opposed to the artisan and family logic typical of the sector.

B&B Italia’s products have contributed to writing the history of Italian design, the eventful history of the affirmation of taste, technology and creativity that made Italy famous in the world and spread “made in Italy” to world markets. The B&B Italia furniture collection is born from the ability to represent contemporary culture and respond quickly to the evolution of living. And it is precisely from the alchemy between creativity, innovation and industrial capacity that modern furniture elements emerge, highly identifiable and characterised by a great “timeless” quality and elegance.

The company is present on the domestic furniture market with its brands B&B Italia and Maxalto

Characterised by their own brand identity, the two brands express a common philosophy: a balanced combination of innovation and design to create products of unmistakable uniqueness and elegance. B&B Italia products are unique furniture elements, where design, research, creativity and technology evolve together, interpreting contemporaneity in different contexts, such as B&B Italia residential furniture, B&B Italia Outdoor outdoor furniture or B&B Italia Project office furniture.

The company has received numerous awards, including the 4 “compasso d’oro“, the most prestigious of which was awarded in 1989, “for the constant work of integration carried out to combine the values of technical-scientific research with the values necessary for the functionality and expressiveness of the products”.

If you are looking to renovate your home with the furniture solutions of B&B Italia, come and visit us at any of our shops in Madrid, Marbella, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona and we will help you find the ones that best suit your needs.


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