Genießen Sie bis zu 70% Rabatt für die Renovierung von Ausstellungen


Genießen Sie bis zu 70% Rabatt für die Renovierung von Ausstellungen

Quality furniture made in Italy.

Casamilano collections combine elegance with design and functionality. The choice of materials, wisely combined between them, worked to the smallest detail, has achieved unique objects for the contemporary house. Chairs, tables, sideboards, armchairs, sofas, lamps, mirrors, all of them elements rigorously made in Italy.

Casamilano design furniture

Designs are essential shapes interpreted with materials such as oak and ash wood, natural and colored, opaque lacquers, chromed steel, aluminum fusions; never uniform surfaces, both unique by the materials used and by craftsmanship work, which give life to unique objects, on the border between craftsmanship and art. A range of skins and fabrics of varied colors and consistency, a special and constant attention to quality, a casual, modern way of conceiving and decorating the house.

BANNI we are official distributor of Casamilano in Spain. Our stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella and Palma de Mallorca have an extensive exhibition of Casamilano products and collections. We highlight the models of chairs; Charlotte, Diana Capitoné, Passepartout, Lauren, Constance. In tables we highlight the following designs: Kandinsky, Bridge, Ercole, Eaton, Andrea 011. In armchairs we highlight the models Magenta, Magenta, Tribeca, Sophie, Royale, Martin, Lea, Small, Emma and Ming. And on sofas you will find a wide variety with models: Suite, Mayfair, Royale, Plaza, Hamptons and Francesca among others.


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