Genießen Sie bis zu 70% Rabatt für die Renovierung von Ausstellungen


Genießen Sie bis zu 70% Rabatt für die Renovierung von Ausstellungen

The exquisiteness of a custom-made Italian bathroom.

Antonio Lupi Design Spa is a world leader company in the modern and classic design of high quality products for bathrooms. In the catalogue you can find bathroom cabinets, sinks, tubs, built-in tubs, ceiling faucets with chromotherapy faucets, original accessories, countertops, basins with foot, faucets, lighting, shower trays, shower enclosures, mirrors, fireplaces and toilets. Always with the design and quality that characterizes AntonioLupi and its wide references of prices.

Antonio Lupi baths design and quality

In the catalogue we highlight the following collections: Panta Rei, Bespoke, Planet, Piana, Lunaria, Tempra, Traccia and of course the new products of the series Il Bagno and Trapo.

The company was created in the 1950s in a small workshop and since then they have not stopped innovating in materials and designs always at the forefront of the bathroom sector.

All materials and production processes are an exquisite work and selection of the best materials. Currently the brand has a collection of baths with a spectacular design and technology of last generation.

Quality, innovation and excellence Italian touch in bathrooms

Italian stands for beauty, delicacy and job well done. Therefore in BANNI-Elegant Interiors we want to incorporate into our catalogue bath products and materials by Antoniolupi. With them, we will make your bathroom a unique place.

Therefore the use of any of their materials is a guarantee of success for projects of reform, decoration or new installation. Come to see all models available from showers, toilets, washbasins, bathtubs, etc., to our stores in Madrid, Marbella, Barcelona and Mallorca and turn  your bathroom into a piece of work of Italian art.

Antoniolupi philosophy is simple: get the perfect bathroom not only for the pleasure of heaving it it, but also for the satisfaction of enjoying it. To achieve this, bet the mark by elegant finishes, full of beauty, quality and comfort.

Antonio Lupi also works for innovation, such an extent that it has managed to develop a ecological material, non toxic and flexible: the Flumood. With it, each one of its pieces of bath become the perfect component for both interior designers and the wishes of the clients. Learn more about Antoniolupi BANNI-Elegant Interiors and transform your home.

BANNI works all the standard and tailored product collections and carry out projects around  Spain, the islands and at international level. Visit our stores by AntonioLupi in Marbella (Málaga), Madrid, Barcelona and Palma (Mallorca) in Spain.


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Av. de Pau Casals 6,
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CC. El Capricho, Local 2 y 7
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