Genießen Sie bis zu 70% Rabatt für die Renovierung von Ausstellungen


Genießen Sie bis zu 70% Rabatt für die Renovierung von Ausstellungen

A new perspective on classic furniture.

In 2000, Meridiani landed in the furniture sector with a clear result: the revolution of the decoration of the most exclusive homes. What began as a family firm selling within the Italian borders, ended up becoming a reference in the manufacture of furniture for the different home environments, from the master bedroom or the dining room to the outdoor spaces. In two decades, Meridiani has managed to export its design principles from Italy to the world, thereby expanding the passion for tradition and the continuous search for improvement.

Laura Ferraro was the responsible for creating the collections of sofas, tables and other furniture “made in Italy”. Together with the designer Andrea Parisio, she shaped new possibilities of furniture, design pieces that marked the turning point between more traditional fashions and contemporary trends. The result, then and now, is easily appreciable: timeless collections that put one eye on the past and the other on the architectural currents in vogue. In BANNI-Elegant Interiors, as specialists in the creation of unique and exclusive spaces,  we put at your disposal the Meridiani catalog. Come and meet them in our showrooms in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella and Palma de Mallorca.

Meridiani: a new perspective for classic furniture.

Since its inception in the late 1990s, Meridiani has managed to accurately define its brand image: simple-lined furniture and classic designs that manage to survive the passage of time with small contemporary adaptations. Thus, each of the pieces of their collections perfectly represent the goodness of Italian design: elegance, quality, craftsmanship, beauty… Specifically  sofas, tables, armchairs and seats which are the most representative items of the whole catalog.

Laura Ferraro, Andrea Parisio and the rest of the professionals who keep the company alive and their particular philosophy have devised a complete offer that encompasses all the interior and outdoor spaces of homes and businesses. In its catalog you will find various collections of modular cabinets, side tables, hammocks, lighting elements, bathroom accessories… All of them of high quality and great designs certified by the Italian originality seal.

A furniture of excellence in BANNI stores.

The Italian brand wants to keep alive the exclusivity of its beginnings and its seal of quality. Therefore, it recommends that you search for the latest news from the catalogue in the official stores or in the establishments of authorized sellers. In this way, clients must be certain that they are buying products “made in Italy”. In BANNI-Elegant Interiors we are part of this network of official sellers of Meridiani furniture for Spain. From our stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella and Palma de Mallorca, we offer you the best options and the first scoops of the brand.

Visit one of our showrooms and ask all your questions to our team of professionals . They will help you solve anything and develop a unique interior design project tailored to your most immediate needs and most ground desires.  And also you will be able to get to know from first hand these Italian furniture and its wide variety of designs, fabrics and materials. What would suit your living room: a Harold modular sofa or Dellon armchairs? How about changing the master bedroom with a bed from the Bardo Due collection? Check and compare all the options and take the best Meridiani furniture from our store.


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