Genießen Sie bis zu 70% Rabatt für die Renovierung von Ausstellungen


Genießen Sie bis zu 70% Rabatt für die Renovierung von Ausstellungen

Miele to make household chores easier.

Miele is one of the appliances brands with more reputation for the Spanish and European households. Since its founding at the end of the 19th century, its work philosophy has been guided by the premise of constant improvement and the pursuit of effective and definitive solutions to all our customers. Now, in the 21st century, Miele is able to guarantee the reliability and durability of all their household appliances and convert these two traits in its most important competitive advantage. In your catalog, you can find washing machines, dishwasher, oven, microwave, etc. with a useful life of 20 years as hallmark.

Designs; their commitment to quality, practicity and durability; the constant introduction of innovations; and the high level of its service back up as a benchmark of the household appliance sector in Europe and much of the world. As a result, increasingly users who prove Miele appliances for their kitchens and homes and become lifetime prescribers of the brand.

As experts in decoration and equipment of bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms of the house, at BANNI we understand and know this century-old manufacturer brand of home appliances. Therefore, we have become distributors of the firm in Spain and offer all its innovations in our product catalogue. Do not miss them.

Miele appliances to make household tasks easier

The possibility of making users life’s easier is the main objective of the Miele appliances. And, although it is not an easy task, the German firm gets it on all their devices, regardless of their uses and applications inside or outside the home. For example, cooking range, find ovens, induction plates and stractors easy to clean after use, notably reduce the time needed for the preparation of meals. Or washing machines and dryers Miele’s range of washing, equipped with an intelligent system which improves the drying time and the levels of energy efficiency.

In this sense, we can say that any domestic task with Miele products is easier a benefit with the use of Miele products. But its use it is not only for the household. It also enters the professional field. Hotels, restaurants and small businesses from all sectors need appliances for the development of their professional activity or, at least, for the improvement of the welfare of their workers and customers.

Whatever your needs, get to know the possibilities of Miele appliances for your home or your business in our BANNI stores in Madrid, Barcelona Palma de Mallorca and Marbella (Málaga). Our specialists will help you find the most suitable product.

The value of Miele kitchen experience

Miele’s first steps were marked by their contribution to the culinary and food sector. In 1899, the firm began its journey manufacturing milk centrifuges and oil mill. And, although it was later convert in a reference for the manufacture of washing machines, it did not abandon its efforts to improve and facilitate the tasks in front of the stoves in homes, hospitals and businesses. From 70 (up to now), the evolution in the range of products of the firm for the tasks of cooking, washing, cold chain and coffee machines has not ceased. Hence his motto: “Always better.”

Miele kitchens constitute, in the 21st century, a solution of quality, design and efficiency for all households at national and international level. In our product catalog, you can find the gadgets you need for your kitchen.

And in awards such as “Best Brands” (it has received this award in all editions since 2007, except for 2014), the “Superbrands” or the “German Sustainability Award” (2014) will get the endorsement you need to definitively rely on Miele kitchens for your home. In all these awards, it is demonstrated that the users test the stoves of the German brand and stay with them in a lasting way.

Buy Miele products in Madrid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Marbella

The kitchens have regained prominence in family life within the home and therefore need designs, decorations and equipment that make them the center of all eyes. BANNI experts can customize your home construction or rehabilitation project with fully integrated Miele kitchens and appliances. As official distributors of the German firm in Spain, in our stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Plama de Mallorca and Malaga (Marbella), you will be able to know from the first hand all the Miele options for your kitchen and for the rest of the house.

Come to know our showrooms, we will show you all the products available and we will help you to choose the ones that best cover your daily needs of cleaning, washing and cooking.


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