Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation


Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation

Personalised warmth in the home.

Let no one be fooled: Antrax IT is synonymous with warmth, home and well-being. This Italian company, born almost at the dawn of the dreaded new millennium, has specialised in the manufacture of radiators and fireplaces to fill each and every corner of homes and businesses with warmth, comfort and design. Because, from its headquarters in Resana (very close to Venice), the company is not content with exporting simple solutions for the warmth of interior spaces.

Antrax IT’s proposals go much further, dressing walls, floors and spaces with unrepeatable originality. The company has become the benchmark for decorative warmth, a concept that escapes from traditional manufacturing ideas and takes a step forward in the evolution of creations for radiators and fireplaces. In short, architecture, innovation and culture integrated into a single heat source with unusual shapes, colours and supports.

The design of each of the pieces created by the professionals at Antrax IT is unique and makes them totally desirable. But the Italian company plays with an added value: the different forms in which it offers this type of decorative warmth. In its product catalogue, we can find everything from traditional wall radiators, with unexpected and hypnotic shapes, to camouflaged electric radiators. Everything you need to give your home style and personality.

The Italian firm has managed to turn a traditionally functional piece of furniture into a decorative accessory that brings well-being and comfort to users. The innate concern for aesthetics and beauty of the designers and managers of Antrax IT has made this change possible and has taken the company to the top of the list of preference among radiator and fireplace manufacturers. They are born to fight for a visible place in the different rooms of the home. While traditional heat sources remain almost hidden behind furniture, curtains or any other means of camouflage, the creations of the Italian firm are worthy of being shown, enjoyed and admired without any disguise.

In addition to fulfilling their function of producing and transmitting heat, each and every one of the products in its catalogue is characterised by emitting, spreading and transmitting beauty, well-being and personality. The Tavola Total Mirror radiator with mirror, the towel rails of the BD series, the original suspended Bubble fireplaces… Undoubtedly, a difficult decision that will be worth it. In the BANNI-Elegant Interiors shops and showrooms in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella (Malaga) and Palma de Mallorca, our experts will be able to help you make your choice. We are official distributors of Antrax IT in Spain and have the experience, knowledge and track record necessary to find the right heat source for all your spaces. Contact us.


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