Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation


Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation

A young company with a long history.

Brokis manages to combine the beauty, magic and charm of Bohemian glass and the luminous power of designer lamps in each one of the pieces in its catalogue. This young company, born in the Czech Republic, has managed to conquer Europe and much of the world in less than a quarter of a century. How? With its modern and exquisite proposals for the installation of light points in the home, businesses and unique spaces.

Within the Brokis catalogue, we find products that are the perfect blend of the most traditional designs – obtained from the oldest glass manufacturing techniques, such as hand-blown glass – and the ideas of internationally renowned designers. All this is coordinated by the Czech designer Lucie Koldova, the company’s art director and the muse of the creative force behind all the lighting products. Engineer Jan Rabell is responsible for the development of this “millennial” company. In 2006, he started the company with a clear objective: to revive, improve and raise the profile of master glassmakers. But it was not an improvised idea. He had prepared the way for the opening of his new business a decade in advance.

At the end of the 1990s, he bought an old and dilapidated glass furnace. With a lot of hard work and effort, he managed to renovate it and turn it into the centre of what can nowadays be considered as the origin of the renewed art of glass working. The expertise of lifelong craftsmen is the best foundation. But technology, innovation and constant research achieve everything else. Brokis lighting systems achieve excellence in every aspect, from the appearance of each individual model to the quality of all the materials used. And all thanks to their boldness in testing and mixing techniques, technologies, raw materials and designs.

The best way to discover the exclusivity, elegance and quality of Brokis lighting products is through its official distributors in Spain. At BANNI- Elegant Interiors, we can boast of having the lamps of this Czech firm in our catalogue of solutions for the home and business. In our shops in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella (Malaga) and Palma de Mallorca, you can find the latest novelties and all the options available from Brokis. The timeless Muffins collection, the famous Shadows or all the hypnotizing proposals of the Ivy models. Ask our team of professionals for information and get the light points you need for your home or business.

BANNI – Elegant Interiors is an official Brokis dealer in Spain.


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