Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation


Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation

Comfort, elegance and functionality.

Edra is a company that mainly produces sofas and armchairs, but also chairs, beds, sideboards and lamps. Edra was born in Perigiano, Tuscany, and made its debut in Milan in July 1987. The name is the contraction of “Esedra” which, in Greek and Roman buildings, was a room completely open on one side with seating in the atrium.

A place made for conversation and socialising, a call for dialogue between the furniture and the architectural space that embraces it. Today Edra is recognised worldwide for the high quality of its products, which combine artistic tradition, quality materials, technological research and craftsmanship.


Valerio and Monica Mazzei, second generation of a family of furniture manufacturers, built from the beginning exclusive products of the highest quality, made to last over time. In recent years Edra has built a corporate identity, which combines beauty and well-being. Important models were developed that became the benchmark of a unique history in the world.


Technological research and constant attention to the project in all its phases are Edra’s distinctive values. The company has always experimented with unprecedented shapes and performance and quality materials, which are related to a high level of comfort for people and the architecture of spaces. Edra welcomes and works with personalities, even hitherto unknown, with great ideas and strong intellectual depth. Among the authors: Zaha Hadid, the brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, Jacopo Foggini, Masanori Umeda and Francesco Binfaré, who since 1993 has been working exclusively for the company and who with his projects has revolutionised the way of thinking about the sofa and its performance.


Edra has always paid absolute attention to superlative comfort. This is how sofas and armchairs are made. Products that adapt to environments and people of all kinds, assuming that, with simple movements and different shapes, the desires and needs of the users are satisfied.


Flap can be a single sofa, a daybed for two and a workspace when almost completely horizontal; a conversation point for a group of people, a chaise longe, a vis-a-vis seat with high, medium or low backrest.

In On the Rocks, for the first time ever, the backrests have been separated from the seat and in the total absence of structure, it is possible to have infinite positions. The same application is found in Pack, where the bear-shaped backrest, in addition to being embraced, can be moved into different positions for any type of use.

Standard accommodates the wishes of the user, thanks to the Smart Cushion, which allows maximum comfort in any position. The backrests and armrests have lost all rigidity and can be moulded at will with a slight movement of the hand: they become low, high, oblique, enveloping and practical.

Grande Soffice is a sofa carved in comfort. With its large dimensions, it offers an unprecedented experience of comfort and well-being, thanks to the combination of technology and natural materials.

Standalto is suspended and welcomes you to the upper level. Thanks to the comfort of the cushions, it creates a changeable and customizable comfort.


At Edra, top quality has always been paramount. Decades of collaboration with Francesco Binfaré have led to the creation of patents such as “Smart Cushion”: mouldable, able to guarantee the best relaxation position with a rotation of 180 degrees. The structure is internal, invisible. “Smart Cushion” has successfully passed the most demanding and toughest tests. Another exclusive Edra patent is Gellyfoam®, a material that guarantees absolute comfort and well-being. An unexpected comfort that welcomes the body, ensuring just the right degree of firmness: it takes years of experimentation to reach this level of excellence.


The materials used by Edra are of certified technical quality. The upholstery is an integral part of the study of each product. The collections of leathers and fabrics are designed by the company and made exclusively to respond to the performance of the products, starting from the study of the yarns, necessary to create the right textures and guarantee the correct shape of the sofa.

The ideal upholstery is designed for each family of sofas, and is designed taking into account the use and characteristics of each product. The focus is on excellence and sustainability: for Edra this means producing objects that last over time.

BANNI-Elegant Interiors is part of the list of official EDRA distributors in Spain.


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