Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation


Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation

First utility, then beauty.

The Danish firm Louis Poulsen has been shaping light for more than a century and creating different environments with each of its lamps. Its added value of good lighting company, has since its origins in 1874 the objective to be pursued by its founders and by each of the designers who have worked side by side for the creation and innovation of its wide catalog.

Today, in the 21st century, Louis Poulsen lamps such as the PH 5 mini or those in the Yuh collection conquer the national and international markets and dominate each of the spaces of housing and business.

Louis Poulsen lamps: first utility, then beauty

All products of the Danish brand carry Scandinavian seal: functionality before design. And this is the philosophy that was adopted in its beginnings and so has remained ever since. Consequently, in a first glance, the lamps look like sober, simple and neutrally colored decoration objects. But nothing could be more untrue. Once connected to the current, they become authentic light sources, able to create comfortable and cozy environments for each of the rooms of the house. At BANNI-Elegant Interiors, we are official distributors of all Louis Poulsen design products in Spain, for renovation and decoration projects both within and outside our borders.

The perfect balance of indoor and outdoor lighting

One of the greatest responsible for the triumph and development of Louis Poulsen was Poul Henningsen and his three-shadow system used in the Paris lamp. This creation of the Danish architect and designer was the result of the perfect combination of all the dualities existing in the planning of the lighting of a space: light and darkness; design and functionality; modernity and classicism.

With this idea of balance always in mind and respecting the philosophy of craftsmanship, the brand has developed the entirety of its current catalogue: the Moser lamps by Louis Poulsen, the Eklipta collection for outdoor, all the varieties of the PH… Whatever your needs and your final choice will be, any of these Scandinavian-spirited luminaires will meet your decoration needs and, more importantly, your space lighting requirements.

If you want to know firsthand how the Danish firm gets to shape the light, just visit one of our showrooms in Madrid, Marbella, Barcelona or Mallorca and ask for Louis Poulsen’s lighting solutions. We will gladly show you how functionality and design come hand in captivating beauty products.



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