Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation


Enjoy up to 70% discount due to exhibition renovation

U-Line modular solutions.

A drink at the right temperature is a luxury. And, in this, U-Line has a lot to say. This American brand has become a benchmark in the sector of refrigeration, with modular solutions perfectly integrated both at home and in foreign or unique spaces. Their design, technology and effectiveness are backed by over fifty years of experience, three features which, still today, the company uses most of its efforts in designing the new catalogues.

Refrigerators, ice mincers, freezers, wine coolers… The products of the American brand cover any need for refrigeration for homes, shops, terraces, gardens, and even boats. Because, as it ensures all its team of professionals, a beer or a glass of champagne does not taste the same if they do not remain stored at the right temperature.

Straight from Wisconsin, from the United States, U-Line products come to Spain with  BANNI-Elegant Interiors as official distributor.

U-Line modular solutions

Whatever it is the space reserved for refrigeration appliances, U-Line finds the most suitable for you. Because among their distinguishing features, is an undeniable capacity for integration. Both households and commercial establishments become more and more fans who decide to give up large traditional refrigerators.

In this way, the design of modern kitchens with specific spaces for different cooling devices is increasing. Owners and interior designers are studying all possibilities of the U-Line products to create a fully functional and efficient product. Drawers with cold vegetable system; cabinets only for drinks; small refrigerators… The options are endless, you just need to know what is needed to keep everything at the right temperature.

U-Line Spain: a catalogue that crosses the Atlantic

In BANNI-Elegant Interiors we are one of the official distributors of U-Line in Spain.  We have added to our catalog of kitchens, the design, technology and customization of these refrigeration solutions so that your drinks and groceries are always at the right temperature. Our team of professionals will advise you and find the best solution to keep the cold chain in your home, your garden, your business or your boat at any of our showrooms from Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella or Palma de Mallorca. Come visit us and we will help you with the choice and integration of U-Line appliances in your decoration project.


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